Killer Fashion Revolution

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Killer Fashion Revolution is fashion hacktivism!

Killer Fashion Revolution is a project that uses fashion hacktivism to promote human rights. This by transforming war related clothes to new designs promoting various Human Rights Declaration articles. In the project name the “Killer Fashion”-part refers to war related clothes. Revolution; “a sudden, radical, or complete change”, indicates that the “Killer Fashion”-clothes will be radically changed – in this case to promote human rights.

Killer Fashion Revolution in 30 seconds.

In Killer Fashion Revolution fashion hacking happens on both physical and symbolic level. The clothes are altered and the code; materials, seams, drapes, details, etc. are reconstructed. On a symbolic level the meanings of war related garments are redirected to promote positive values. In a situation of war, conflict and injustice the human rights are most neglected and by transforming war related clothes to promote human rights the participants goes through a symbolic ritual of opposing direct and structural violence.

The project is planned to take advantage of divers mediums to reach people in various situations, involving them into different levels of participation. The Killer Fashion Revolution -project consists therefore of four modules; workshops, installation, wiki-site and Do-it-together guides, they support each other, and they work as independent entities promoting human rights and inviting participation.

Killer Fashion Revolution is Linda Kronmans MA Thesis for Aalto University, School of Art and Design, Media Lab Helsinki.

For interested KairUs organizes Killer Fashion Revolution workshops on request, more information about the workshops can be found here.