Forensic Fantasies Trilogy

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‘Forensic Fantasies’ (2016) is a series of three artworks dealing with data breaches of private information. In the artworks we use data that was recovered from hard-drives that were dumped in Agbogbloshie, Ghana. Reports suggest, that at this e-waste dump, … Continued

The Black Money Decoy

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The installation ‘The black Money Decoy’ (2016) replicates semi professional laboratory settings that are used for the cleaning process of defaced money. In a internet scam spread through spam e-mails and supported by fraudulent websites, money has supposedly been dyed … Continued

Research Lab: Behind the Smart World

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For most of us consumers electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, printers or microwaves are a fundamental and indispensable parts of our daily lives. As a result of rapid growth and constant innovation the electronic industry is the world’s … Continued

Let’s Talk Business

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‘Let’s Talk Business’ (2015) is a 5-channel audio installation that enables the visitor to listen to Internet scammers who try to lure potential victims into advance fee payments. Their phone numbers were extracted from a scam e-mail database, analyzed by … Continued

Monitoring Harry Brooks (2014)

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Monitoring Harry Brooks (2014) ‘Monitoring Harry Brooks’ is an data sculpture that visualizes 274 email replies that an internet scammer received during a period of 3 months. The emails of the scammer were accessed by using social engineering techniques that … Continued


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‘Megacorp.’ is a corporate conglomerate inspired by its equally powerful counterparts in science fiction. The artwork is based on a collection of fraudulent websites scraped from internet by the artist  duo KairUs. These companies exist only virtually and are used … Continued