Contemporaneity & crisis, U10 gallery, Belgrade, Serbia

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"Saint Sava et Partizan stadium" by Vlada Marinković - Vlada Marinković. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

We were invited to participate in the exhibition ‘Contemporaneity & crisis’ at U10 gallery in Belgrade, Serbia.

Joint exhibition “Contemporaneity and Crisis – contemporary art from Austria and Serbia”, curated by Branislav Mihajlović and Dietmar Unterkofler, shows current artistic positions from Austria and Serbia. It focuses on posing questions about the immediate reality of the respective environments (political, social, aesthetic) and reflecting on them in artistic terms. The selection of the exhibited works aims to foment a discourse on the conditions of contemporary art in the different cultural contexts. Thus, critical opinions on the challenges of creating art in a time of artistic crisis are given voice.

Various positions are shown by the works of the following artists: Dušan Rajić, Goran Micevski, Hannes Zebedin, IEFS kolektiv (Ursula Kiesling, Maki Stolberg), Ivan Šuletić, Kairus kolektiv (Andreas Zingerle, Linda Kronman), Maja Đorđević, Maria Anwander, Olivier Hölzl and Saša Tkačenko. The works show sketches of concrete strategies, ambivalence’s and the limits of an emancipatory art practice situated in the interplay of participation, criticism and crisis.

Through this exhibition project, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade continues intensive cooperation with Serbia’s cultural institutions within the framework of the project The Year of Culture 2015, Austria–Serbia.

contemporaneity and crisis

elektronska pozivnica

Exhibition poster and invitation flyer from the curators


U10 gallery close to the Nikolas Tesla school in Belgrade.


We presented a new work called ‘Monitoring Harry Brooks’.


Gallery version of our data visualization ‘Passwords:******’


‘Important words’ by Saša Tkačenko.


‘Dependance (Beograd, 15.12, 2015)’ by Hannes Zebedin


Detail view ‘Jahresplanung Überleben’ 2015 (Annual plan of surviving)


‘The World’s leading Art Magazine’ (2012) by Maria Anwander


Detail view ‘The World’s leading Art Magazine’ (2012) by Maria Anwander


‘Cityscape’ by Ivan Šuletić


Detail view ‘Cityscapes’ by Ivan Šuletić


‘Brdo, Visenje, Play dead’ (2013) by Goran Micevski


Opening speech by the Austrian ambassador and the curators


From left to right: Serbian curator Branislav Mihajlović, the austrian ambassador, austrian curator Dietmar Unterkofler




Site specific work ‘For Sale’ (2015) by IEFS (Ursula Kiesling and Maki Stolberg)


View from the outside into the gallery


IMG_0169 IMG_0143 IMG_0153 IMG_9963 IMG_9988

‘Hold me down like gravity’ by Dušan Rajić


‘USCE Tower’ (2015) by Olivier Hölzl


Detail view  ‘USCE Tower’ (2015) by Olivier Hoelzl


Invitation from the Austrian cultural forum to a dinner evening at the ambassador’s Residency.

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