This workshop offers the participants an introduction to digital fiction with an emphasis on artworks that are created and read in social media environments. Social media literature can be considered as a 4th generation of digital fiction and are thereby connected to a canon of hypertext, hypermedia and cybertext fiction. In the workshop precursors of social media fiction, from the field of and electronic literature, are presented in a brief theoretical introduction followed by a ‘screading’-session. In a ‘screading’- session participants take time to individually read one work of 4th generation digital fiction. At the same time the reading experience is screen recorded. The session has a two folded aim. Firstly it introduces participants to a practice of collectively experiencing, sharing and discussing this form of art. Secondly by recording the experience participants contribute to a developing archive of 4th generation digital fiction. Currently several initiatives are taken to migrate hypertext fiction, CD-Rom art and to video documentation. This is because software, browsers, operating systems and hardware that are needed to read, watch and experience these art forms are getting obsolete. By looking at some digital fiction preservation initiatives as well as discussing other examples of archiving e.g. in games, participants are encouraged to discuss and develop strategies how to convey rich information about contemporary interactive storytelling projects to future scholars and researchers.


Organized screadings:

26th of October 2pm-5pm part of Unmake Lab inĀ Artist run space 413, Seoul, South Korea.
5th of May 2014, Linz, Austria
8th of April 2014, Linz, Austria