New Texture: New Media Art 2019

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with texts by: Pierre Ajavon, Alessandro Avellis, Michael Black, Tom Burtonwood, Tristan Cai, Jade Chorkularb, Lacaste Eunice, Yuto Hasebe, Chih-ya Huang, Soa J. Hwang, Tian Jiang, Lara Kamhi, KairUs Art+Research / Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle, Todd Kunkler, Tamara Staser-Meltzer, Jiaqing Mo, Christina Ivelisse Morris, Hannah Newman, Fongyee Ng, Valentina Sciarra, Simon Serc, Peim van der Sloot, Yuanliang Sun, Tore Terrasi, Cansu Topaloglu, Yang Wang, Rachel Lin Weaver, Lim Zeherng, Mihyun Kim, Heesoo Kwon, Miock Park, Jinjoo Yang, Kyungjin Yoo


Cover Image © Michael Black, Lovers – Boy 1 (2016)

EDITOR / DESIGNER: Seungsub Baik
EDITORS: Heejin Kang, Seonyoung Im, Hyunjin Bang
CICA NMAC 2018 Reporters / Photographers: Eugene
Jung, Sujin Park
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