Call for participation: Credible fictions – deceptive realities, Workshop on the Megacorp. business conglomerate

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For a half day workshop (2pm-5.30pm)
“Credible fictions – deceptive realities, Workshop on the Megacorp. business conglomerate” at Steirischer Herbst 2015

The workshop will take place Thursday the 8th of October, 2pm-5:30pm at esc – medien kunst labor
The workshop is organized by Andreas Zingerle and Linda Kronman (KairUs).

2pm – 3:30 pm Session Part 1: Introduction and how to spot fake websites
3:30pm – 4pm Break
4pm – 5:30pm Session Part 2: Hands-on & Discussion

Registering required

Please register by sending an email to:
Minimum 5 maximum 12 participants required for workshop.
Bring your own laptop for the Hands-on part.



In the workshop the artwork “Megacorp.” is used to deeper investigate fake business networks that are created to remain anonymous with the intention to commit fraud. We will explore how fake online identities and company representation are created, for this we are going to use a number of open source intelligence tools. Additionally we will illustrate strategies that activists use to uncover fake companies of criminal organizations and collect intel to report them to hosting providers and law enforcement. Since these companies appear and disappear rather quickly, the “Megacorp.” collection is an attempt to archive these websites with the intention to create a local repository allowing further investigations.

Company HQs from the Megacorp. network are located in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, London, Madrid, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Accra, Lome or Lagos. During the Megacorp. workshop, we organize virtual tour to visit some of the addresses, verifying if the companies are ‘clones’ of real companies or are given addresses totally fake. The virtual walk will be documented and will be added to the exhibition in form of a photo series in  a video documentation.