06/25-29, 2014: 2nd xCoAx Conference, Porto, Portugal

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After the first conference in Bergamo, Italy, xCoAx moved to Porto, Portugal this year. Here is a conference program

During the exhibition opening Oliver Bown, Dagmar Reinhardt, Sam Ferguson and Lian Loke presented their interactive loudspeakers: Contact: A Concert for Interactive Sounds in the Hands of the Audience

The development of computational tools and media has been radically transforming the landscape for the practice of the arts, of design and of numerous cultural manifestations. Recognizing this, xCoAx is designed as a multi-disciplinary enquiry on arts, computers, computation, communication and the elusive x factor that connects them all.

xCoAx is a forum for the exchange of ideas and the discovery of new and valuable synergies. It is an event exploring the frontiers of digital arts with the participation of a diverse confluence of computer scientists, media practitioners and theoreticians, with a focus on the relations between what can and cannot be computed, what can and cannot be communicated, what is beautiful and how humans and computational systems intersect in the development of new directions in aesthetics.

One day before the official conference start Maya and Nik from Fo.am did a workshop around 3rd culture and speculative scenarios. The whole day was packed with small exercises, mindmaps, free suggestive mindflows


Day one: Conference and keynote at Biblioteca Almeida Garrett.

Day two, morning: Conference at Biblioteca Almeida Garrett.

Day two, afternoon: Artworks, demos, poster presentations and exhibition. Artworks, demos and posters will be exhibited at Axa. Presentations and discussion will be organized throughout the afternoon, networking authors and audience.

Day two, evening: Performances at the unique space of the Monastery of São Bento da Vitória in Porto.

Day two, night: Algorave at Passos Manuel. The program will close with an Algorave club event, a dance party where algorithms are foregrounded.