Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2015

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Some impressions from this years Stuttgarter Filmwinter. We showed our work ‘Password:******’ (c) Photos by Victor Brigola Zeitungsartikel der Ausstellung: Stuttgarter_Nachrichten “Welcome to the New Age” was this years topic of the Stuttgarter Filmwinter. The opening with the board … Continued

Seoul Mediacity Biennale

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It is great to be in Seoul and go to the Mediacity Biennale. Here is a selection of the most inspiring artworks we saw. They published the audioguide on Soundcloud so you can listen to the explaination and comments of … Continued

09/05/2014, Cyberworlds 2014

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Andreas will present the kairus artwork Password:****** as a research paper at this years Cyberworld 2014 conference in Santander, Spain. The paper is called “How to obtain passwords of online scammers by using social engineering methods”. The paper will be … Continued

06/25-29, 2014: 2nd xCoAx Conference, Porto, Portugal

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After the first conference in Bergamo, Italy, xCoAx moved to Porto, Portugal this year. Here is a conference program During the exhibition opening Oliver Bown, Dagmar Reinhardt, Sam Ferguson and Lian Loke presented their interactive loudspeakers: Contact: A Concert for Interactive Sounds in the … Continued

Password: * * * * * *

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Password: * * * * * * reveals popular email-passwords of internet scammers. The passwords are arranged typographically in six stars, each star containing most popular word combination with the words: ‘good’, ‘love’, ‘money’, ‘mother’, ‘jesus’, ‘bless’. Email services like … Continued