Forensic Fantasies Trilogy

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‘Forensic Fantasies’ (2016) is a series of three artworks dealing with data breaches of private information. In the artworks we use data that was recovered from hard-drives that were dumped in Agbogbloshie, Ghana. Reports suggest, that at this e-waste dump, … Continued

#Exstrange online auction / exhibition

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  #exstrange is a curatorial project transforming eBay into a site of artistic production and cultural exchange as a form of artistic intervention into capitalism. As a live exhibition project parasitic to the commercial platform, #exstrange seeks to explore the … Continued

Overdrive Conference, Girona, Spain

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Overdrive Conference is an event that wants to be the leader in the field of the computer security and hacking nationwide. The main idea comes from a group of students of the University of Girona who see an opportunity in … Continued

Mozfest 2016

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MozFest The world’s leading festival for the open internet movement. Join influential thinkers from around the world to build, debate, and explore the future of a healthy internet. October 28-30, 2016 • Ravensbourne College, London MozFest is a diverse, highly … Continued